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Been wanting to do this one for a while MEDUSAAAAA

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wolf-speaks-to-girl asked: Favourite all-time is Hellspawn, which was a variant of Spawn done by Ashley Wood and Ben Templesmith. It's super disturbing and dark, and I love it so much. Plus, McFarlane (Spawn creator) is from my hometown, although I just love that entire series. Right now I'm reading Pretty Deadly and I'm hella into it. Can't wait for it to be published in trade paperback.

Thanks, Brianna, I’m gonna have to get into that because I love super disturbing and dark stuff… might explain why I’m so weird.

Anyway, thanks for posting!

rocket-raccoon-and-groot asked: My favorite comic is Planetary. It was maybe the 5th comic that I read and it blew my mind that a comic could do that. I had no idea I could be so engaged and so surprised by a comic. The reveal in chapter 12 blew my mind and I instantly had to reread the comics over again before I could move on. I reread Planetary at least once every year. It is probably the reason I am so into comics now.

That’s awesome! I might have to give Planetary a shot.

I got started on comics with The Sandman and shortly after, I took Preacher for a whirl. Nowadays, I read both of them at least once a year. I’m currently going through the annotated Sandman— it’s very fun and interesting. I’d recommend picking it up if you’re a fan of the series.

Thanks for posting!

Here’s a fun idea

In my ask box, tell me your favorite comic and why it’s so important to you. I’m very curious. What is your favorite thing about picking up a new comic, Or even revisiting a classic?

There are no guidelines here so, just have fun.

I’ll post some of ‘em up for everyone to read.

endternet-deactivated20140409 asked: I have a feeling you'd like my blog (especially my uploads in the Comics section of my page).

I have a feeling you’re right!

And I have a feeling my followers would too.

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